Lady of the moon


Lady of the Moon, also known as the Moon Maid in some parts of Europe, is a gorgeous free online slot game that’s worth playing just to get a peek at its stylish graphical design and highly addictive gameplay. In this game you play as the gorgeous Lady of the Moon, a mythical character who must defend her kingdom from the nasty pirates who have pillage everything in sight. As the Queen you need to keep your people happy and fed and provided with water and shelter so that they can build an attractive and peaceful city. As the game progresses you’ll find out more about the background of your pretty Princess including how she came to be the way she is and what role she plays in the affairs of her land.

This charming and free online slot game comes with a number of unique features. First of all the game has a unique storyline which recreates the legend of the fabulous fairy tale queen, full of drama and mystery, who rides the starry night sky on her white horse. In her defense though the true story is less interesting (and no doubt very funny). This free and game is a lovely recreation of a medieval fairy tale world with stunning graphics, sounds, and an interface that looks like something right out of a modern-day Nintendo DS. You’ll also find that this video slot game features some nice sound effects and that it runs pretty fast.

But one of the best things about this slot machine is the way that it offers multiple special features to players at different times during its run. There are three lotto effects which can be used at various points in the game. The first is the special effect where the screen will rotate around so that you see the pattern of numbers in the starry night sky. You can use this whenever you want by pressing the left or right keys. The second effect is the time of day; this will tell you when the special features of the game will begin. And finally there’s the leader board, which displays a list of all the winning numbers along with their time of occurrence.

When you win a number, it will add up to the value of your virtual bankroll. Depending on how high the score you have, that value will increase. However, there’s one more important item in this lady of the moon video slot: the ability to unlock the ancient China. This is where this game differs from most online slots because if you manage to get the ancient China, then you can activate it and choose between a new set of coins.

Of course, this isn’t a real option in the traditional sense. Rather, this virtual casino game allows you to do this, which means that winning more often means getting more virtual money, hence increasing your bankroll. It’s a nice bonus for those who are interested in slots (especially the classic version) but maybe don’t want to risk losing real money. All in all, this game can provide a nice change of pace for those who like to play video slots.

In summary: The Lady of the Moon online slots game offers an all new way to play online slots. It’s a nice change of pace for those who aren’t all that keen on playing traditional slots reels. Plus, it provides a nice challenge for those who are willing to put in the work. Finally, it’s nice to experience a new slot machine that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has its moments of silliness, but overall, the Lady of the Moon video slot is a fun game to play.

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