Holmes & the stolen stones


Holmes & the Stolen Stones are a relatively new online casino game, which borrows some of its design elements from the much older and well loved slots and video poker games. The aim of this game is to try and solve the crime, without getting caught by Inspector Holmes himself. You will need to carefully analyze and manipulate virtual playing environment to achieve this task, but do not let this mean that this is a simplistic game. Instead, this is a highly strategic game which asks that you use your wits against a cleverly designed web-based interface and can be very challenging and addictive once you get going. I’ll be describing some of the more important areas of this fascinating game, as well as giving an idea of how the levels develop and evolve.

SLOT MODE. Holmes & the Stolen Stones follow a traditional slots payout structure, with a small basic bankroll and unlimited number of reels. In this scenario you start with $1000 and can earn more than you win. This means that even a minor win is going to make a significant difference to your overall bankroll, so it is important to carefully think about your strategy before starting.

CIPROX CHEAP GIRL. This is a neat feature which makes Holmes & the Stolen Stones a little different – instead of earning chips from each single hand you play, you can instead buy “ciprox” chips which are used in combination with actual jewels that you have picked up whilst playing. Each time you place a single gem on the board, you earn a point, and then at the end of the game you must sell all the jewels that you have accumulated to earn a further point. On the lower levels, you are able to afford to keep just one diamond and therefore can pretty much play for points without any restrictions.

FREE GEMS. Unlike many other slot games, in Holmes there are no free gems to be won. This forces players to think carefully about how much they should spend and helps them plan their strategies accordingly. It also means that while you can afford to lose some money early on when using up so many free gems, it’s unlikely that you’ll lose a lot on the way to the end of the game. This is one of the major differences between casinos where gems are given out as bonuses, and casinos where they are a fixed cost.

ONLINE TARGETS. When playing online you don’t need to worry about which cards you place onto the reel, and therefore it is highly unlikely that you will pick up any “stolen stones”. There is, however, the possibility of actually winning real money from playing online – but this is highly unlikely. As with slot machines in the physical world, online Holmes & the Stolen Stones would almost certainly win out if you played your moves correctly.

Enjoying the game can be quite fun, and it provides an interesting contrast between how we perceive the real world and the virtual world. In a purely virtual environment, a player might not know what he or she is aiming at, and might even be spinning their wheels for hours on end. In the real world, the same thing could be said for someone playing slots in a casino, who is completely focused on the outcome of the game. In Holmes & the Stolen Stones, players have to put themselves in the shoes of a successful professional poker player, and work out how to beat the game. Although it is probably best not to read too much into it (you might just get confused), it’s easy to see how this could appeal to people who enjoy playing the virtual versions of slot machines in casinos.

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