Best Online Slot Game Developers in the Previous Years

Best Online Slots Game Developers in the Previous Years

Ever since online casinos made its debut in the 1990s, casino games like slot machines have evolved faster. Graphic designers, even mathematicians, are continually working to apply the latest innovations on casino gaming. They do this by utilizing up-to-date technologies and immersive gaming features to level up your gambling experience. Here are some of the best online slot game developer for the past years.

Hundreds of slot game developers worldwide are continuously making competitive efforts to attract a broader population of players. Without further ado, read this article for best slot game developers who made a successful debut in the previous years.


Yggdrasil Gaming – IGA’s Innovator of the Year for 2019

Yggdrasil Gaming is an online gaming studio founded in 2013. It garnered recognition at the 2019 IGA as the Innovator of the Year. One of their highly popular slot games is called Wild Pops.

Wild Pops has an oriental Chinese theme that offers massive winnings up to more than half a million dollars. Yggdrasil Gaming also made sure that you can play it anytime on desktop or mobile devices.

Another slot game that will impress any casino player is Avatars Gateway Guardians. This slot game has a Mayan-inspired gameplay experience. This time, Yggdrasil applies a unique take by incorporating a mystical South African atmosphere on its spinning wheels.


Red Tiger Gaming – A Prominent Name in Slot Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming has quickly achieved an insurmountable success after its debut in 2014. Today, this game developer is known as one of the prominent brands in online slot games.

The employees of Red Tiger Gaming consist of designers, audio engineers, and mathematicians who aim to conquer the most prominent gambling markets worldwide. Since they started, they have been making in-demand slot titles, like Vicky Ventura. It is like a combination of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft set in an action-packed treasure hunting adventure.

Another popular game from Red Tiger is called Golden Cryptex. Da Vinci Code‘s fans will definitely like this slot game because of its impressive visual effects and code-cracking theme.


PlayPearls – Cutting-Edge Online Slot Features

PlayPearl started producing slot games back in 2012. Technically, PlayPearl is a newcomer in the casino scene. The majority of slot manufacturers have been around since the 90s. However, PlayPearl has quickly made a favorable impression among gamblers since its establishment.

Most of the modern online gamblers today are not familiar with PlayPearls. Despite this, it has produced a handful of famous slot games, like Freya Arrow of the North and Heavy Metal Princess.

These are some of the best slot game developers who made a massive impact on the casino industry. For every modern slot game that gets released, another slot manufacturer sets the bar higher when it comes to its visual graphics, soundtrack, and other gaming features.

With this, it is safe to say that the casino scene is indeed continuously advancing in terms of art, technology, and gameplay experience. Time moves fast, and so do the world of online casinos and slot games.

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